On the occasion of Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020+2021, Cosmoproject highlighted the area’s chemical/pharmaceutical identity by sponsoring Florilegium, the first personal exhibition in Italy of British artist Rebecca Louise Law.

Curated by OTTN Projects within the scope of the Pharmacopea project and supported, in addition to Cosmoproject, by Davines and Chiesi Farmaceutici, Florilegium is an immersive and ethereal floral installation which evolves during the exhibition period, following the path dictated by time and nature.

The themes of the exhibition are environmental sustainability, fragility and the relationship between humans and nature, aspects to which Cosmoproject is dedicating resources and investments.

Held from 4 June to 20 July, and from 2 October to 19 December 2020, the exhibition route consisted of a ceiling of 200,000 flowers which melded into a chromatic continuum with the frescoes of San Tiburzio Church. Here it was possible to observe the various changes of the botanical species on display throughout the entire duration of the artistic exhibition.

Law’s art, which focuses on the organic evolution of her works, is one of the actions of the Pharmacopea project, founded to create new tourist itineraries connecting some of the symbolic locations of the city of Parma’s historic cosmetic/pharmaceutical identity, with the goal of renovating or modernising them, rediscovering them and increasing the attractiveness of the local region.