Our Hiring Process

At Cosmoproject, we strongly believe in the importance of the hiring process.


For Cosmoproject, our people are the main source of ideas and solutions, allowing us to meet and satisfy our customers’ requests. For this reason, every person within our company is key to building the innovative spirit of Cosmoproject.
Thanks to our expert, passionate team, we can boast that we have been professionals in the sector for over 30 years.
Each of us makes a difference – and you can, too! We invest in your training and growth, and you will become part of our stimulating and dynamic enterprise. First, you will go through a thorough selection process to assess your skills, expertise and potential.
We will use interviews, aptitude tests and logical/mathematical reasoning tests to get to know you better at a professional and relational level in order to jointly determine whether to enter into a mutually satisfactory employment path.
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The first contact between candidates and Cosmoproject: in this initial phase, you will get to know the company system and find out what your role could be inside the company.


The second phase consists of sending us your Curriculum Vitae.
If your qualifications meet the defined criteria, you will be contacted and move on to the next phase.


During the third phase you will meet our recruitment team who will give a series of interviews to get to know you better.


The fourth and final phase is the one following the interview: here the decision will be made whether or not we will work together. In any case, you will be notified of the outcome of the process you have participated in.


Opportunities for students

Are you a student who would be interested in doing work experience or an internship at Cosmoproject?

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Unsolicited Applications

No vacancies which fit your qualifications or expectations? Send us your CV anyway and we will evaluate it! You can make a difference

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