Employee welfare and sustainability are part of Cosmoproject’s make-up and policies. That’s why the company has financed the renovation and expansion of the Tosi Pardini infant and nursery school in Mezzano Inferiore, in partnership with Fepa and thanks to the Sorbolo Mezzani municipal administration.

Companies, the school, the administration and the community (numerous volunteers took part in the project) worked together to deliver modernised spaces to the school’s children: the main room with new tables and chairs, a science lab, and two nursery school classes. This has doubled the available spaces from 25 to 50.

The initiative not only represents a support pathway for the community, but also a further welfare and support measure for workers and their families, as the school has also been identified for the creation of a subsidised company crèche.

It is a way for Cosmoproject to put its employees ever more at the centre of its sustainable growth, and to enhance the local area through concrete actions.