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The Bulk Production department




The product has been formulated, the ingredients selected, and here at last in the Bulk Production department all is ready for the actual birth.


A wide range of homogenizers and mixers machines turn out products that are structurally different. No need to speak about aromas, textures and the compelling nature of our products, which are there for all to behold.


Instead we will speak of the AISI 316 steel plant to transport deionized water, the network of outlet grills for the washing and sanitization of the plants in addition to an exceptional production capacity, made flawless by Bulk Quality Control.


The output or productive capacity is the following:

  • 30.000 lt/day of cold-processed solutions
  • 20.000 lt/day of hot-processed emulsions/gels



The Bulk Quality Control department


The Bulk Quality Control is next to the Production Department.


It acknowledges and confirms the productive parameters before unloading; it records the samples for each batch; it manages the microbiological controls and the operations of Bulk standard correction.


State-of-the-art technologies, versatile solutions and targeted answers for every single demand: we are committed to satisfying our customers’ needs.

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

In occasione di Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020, Cosmoproject valorizza l’identità chimico-farmaceutica del territorio sponsorizzando... Continue
Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Nel pieno rispetto della sicurezza dei lavoratori, Cosmoproject ha avviato la produzione intensiva di gel... Continue