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Private label





THE FIELD: knowing how to stand out

Cosmetics, the pleasure of senses.

The first being sight, fulfilled by the packaging, and then the sense of smell, fulfilled by the aromas and fragrances, and finally the sense of touch, from which pleasure can be experienced by the pleasant textures.

For this reason, our products stand out.

A product that captures attention, which can fairly compete with the most renowned and glamorous brands, winning the battle; it is an attainable objective, that we have succeeded in attaining.



THE CHALLENGES: a “magnetic” line of products

We create lines of products that are complete and captivating, capable of drawing interest

We offer the latest trends and discoveries on the market, paying the utmost attention to the new active ingredients and trends in this industry

We guarantee that our products satisfy your sense of touch and smell with products of great emotional appeal

We guarantee the utmost dermatological tolerability



Cosmoproject’s ANSWER: we offer everything

Why Cosmoproject?

Because Cosmoproject is capable of offering you entire lines of products thanks to the know-how and established experience in the field of luxury perfumes and high quality cosmetics.

Because Cosmoproject has a Research & Development Laboratory capable of finding the proper balance between sensorial performance, dermatological safety and legislative assistance.

Because Cosmoproject can offer a complete “turnkey” service in the “full service” perspective.



What we offer:

Complete and innovative lines of products

State-of-the-art formulas with new active ingredients

Extremely pleasant textures and fragrances

Utmost dermatological safety



A line of customized products that reveals something about who sells them.

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

In occasione di Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020, Cosmoproject valorizza l’identità chimico-farmaceutica del territorio sponsorizzando... Continue
Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Nel pieno rispetto della sicurezza dei lavoratori, Cosmoproject ha avviato la produzione intensiva di gel... Continue