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THE FIELD: maximum performance,  total safety

The consumers of Pharma products may give up their look, their appeal, even the precious olfactory notes, but they do not compromise over quality, dermatological safety and efficacy of  the products they purchase.

They have a “passion”: to take care of their own skin with an  evidence-based approach.

They pay attention to the ingredients, they assess the contained active ingredients, they dwell on results.

Nothing is left to chance to them.



THE CHALLENGES: a line of products that combines efficacy and safety

We create skin-care products that specifically act on skin with a  scientific approach

We offer evaluation tests of our products with scientifically proven results

We guarantee that our products are gentle on the skin as to maintain the skin’s natural balance

We offer innovative formulas for specific needs with effective active ingredients in high concentrations



Cosmoproject’s ANSWER:  expertise and know-how

Why Cosmoproject?

Because Cosmoproject has the facilities, skills, competence and know-how necessary in order to manufacture safe and effective pharmaceutical products capable of fully satisfying consumer demands from the point of view of care and prevention.

Because Cosmoproject boasts a Laboratory capable of developing complex formulas; capable of selecting the most effective active ingredients for each specific typology of product.

Because Cosmoproject guarantees complete skin tolerability, without neglecting the sensory pleasantness of the product, combining effectiveness and appeal.



What we offer:


Pharma products – dermatologist tested and effective products as a result of the interaction between dermatology and Cosmetic chemistry

Cosmetics manufactured in sterile environments as to ensure maximum product safety

Competence, counseling and professional service

Legislative assistance

Scientifically proven results and a continuous research



Skin care becomes self-care.

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

In occasione di Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020, Cosmoproject valorizza l’identità chimico-farmaceutica del territorio sponsorizzando... Continue
Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Nel pieno rispetto della sicurezza dei lavoratori, Cosmoproject ha avviato la produzione intensiva di gel... Continue