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Project Department



Cosmoproject boasts a Project Department that employs skilled personnel dedicated to researching, designing, planning and implementing the best cosmetic products.

The resources allocated to the Department are subdivided into Designing area upon customers’ brief, Testing area upon corporate brief, Trial area with targeted tests and, above all, Research Studies and Clinical Trials of new formulations, new active ingredients, new synergies and new textures.

R&D Laboratory

This is where the product is conceived, developed as a sample, evaluated sensorially and dermatologically, checked for chemical and physical stability and refined.


State-of-the-art equipment and highly- skilled staff, as well as collaboration with external laboratories and universities specialising in the cosmetics sector, make the Research and Development Laboratory the nerve centre of Cosmoproject, a real point of reference which is vital to face the market with the best answer, whether we are dealing with an entire line or a single product.


During every step of the formula fine tuning, R&D Laboratory checks the product stability.

Before the industrial step, the formula stability and compatibility are carefully monitored in the following conditions:

  • • Real time test -6 months-
  • • Accelerate test at 40°C -6months-
  • • Cycle test -15/+40°C -7 steps-
  • • Freezer -15°C -1 week-
  • • Solar box 12h+12h

Microbiological stability and dermatological safety are guaranteed in strictly collaboration with external cosmetic laboratories.

Applied Cosmetic Laboratory

The company has a new lab, focused on the evaluation and measurement of sensoriality and of results obtained from samples. Here the measurement of the products effectiveness and of their pleasantness degree is made possible thanks to the professionalism of expert “Evaluatrices” and cutting-edge technologies.

This involves moisturizing ability, improvement of the skin elasticity, reduction of the face skin wrinkliness and, when it comes to body products, tissue reoxygenation and measurement of skin folds.

As for sensoriality - since the product can be evocative from its very first use - the evaluation focuses on pleasantness, pick-up, spread, skin feel and olfactory consistency.

The testing service in the Applied Cosmetics Lab is a plus offered by Cosmoproject to its customers, aiming at improving the products’ fine tuning, mode of use and supporting claims.

Training and Educational Center (TEC)

A training and educational center where our Beauty Specialists offer proper trainings on products and active ingredients, methodology and hand movements, thus instructing on the correct product or treatment use.

The range is rounded out by professional and home-use trainings, in order to turn beauty treatments into a routine.

The Training and Educational Center is the place dedicated to the spread of knowledge, as part of a process where the knowledge management is in all respects a company asset and results in shared expertise.

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Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

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