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Research & Development Laboratory




We defined it Cosmoproject’ s heart, the place where everything begins. Truly, the Research and Development Laboratory is a lot more.  Certainly, it's the heart of the company, but it is also the brain. Because that's where the ideas, concepts and hypotheses are created. It is there, where the product acquires the characteristics  that make it unique and wanted. A real gem, in a market that aims for perfection. In every sense.


A team of chemists, physicists and biologists make the impossible become possible, such as  stabilizing a complex formula, realizing a delicious texture, incorporating "fickle" active ingredients and  particular and "demanding" colours to the product. This, of course, without neglecting the pleasantness, skin compatibility and performance.


Heart and brain, emotion and rationales. The Research and Development Laboratory means  passion, enthusiasm and dedication. But it is also challenge, research and rigorous testing.


From this special fusion, unique products are born, able to conquer the market.



Our winning cards


State-of-the-art equipment and highly-skilled staff, as well as collaboration with external laboratories and universities specialising in the cosmetics sector, make the Research and Development Laboratory the nerve centre of Cosmoproject.


A real point of reference which is vital to face the market with the best answer, whether we are dealing with an entire line or a single product.

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