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THE FIELD: the taste for beauty

The never-ending quest for youth and beauty, the fight against skin blemishes, the need to find again the harmony of silhouette.

Cosmetic is driven by a keen aesthetic sense.

This inevitably goes with the need for high performing products, which guarantee fast results in the immediate future, when the customer is ready to leave the beauty parlor/spa, as well as in time to ensure the continuity of purchases and the utmost satisfaction.

A double value which is also a double bond: purchases and results in a virtuous circle dedicated to beauty.



THE CHALLENGES: a product that is “well-liked” and “works”

We create products capable of effectively tackling – through targeted responses – the main blemishes of the face and body

We detect, pick out and select innovative active ingredients in order to constantly improve the performance of our products

We ensure the maximum dermatological tolerability

We guarantee complete customer satisfaction



Cosmoproject’s ANSWER: the beauty training ground

Why Cosmoproject?

Because Cosmoproject has a real “training ground” inside their facilities where the most innovative active ingredients and the most groundbreaking products are tested.

A “training ground” where it is possible to experiment in advance the products of the future to ensure new answers, even capable of driving the market.

Because Cosmoproject has a first-rate Research & Development Laboratory, that strives to innovate and constantly surpass limits. The Ozone incorporated in Cyclodextrins is a proof.

Finally, because Cosmoproject gives life to your projects by integrating them with the latest discoveries.

Every product is safe, with scientifically proven results.



What we offer:

High-tech, highly performing product

Clinically proven results

State-of-the-art formulas

Extremely pleasant textures and fragrances

Utmost dermatological safety



We offer beauty: a younger looking face and a new body.

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

Cosmoproject sponsor di Florilegium

In occasione di Parma Capitale della Cultura 2020, Cosmoproject valorizza l’identità chimico-farmaceutica del territorio sponsorizzando... Continue
Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Produzioni e misure speciali emergenza

Nel pieno rispetto della sicurezza dei lavoratori, Cosmoproject ha avviato la produzione intensiva di gel... Continue